Centralized configuration for web, mobile, IoT, and more.

Mothership is the cloud-native way to configure all of your apps and devices. Get started today, no credit card required.

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    Step into the cloud configuration era

    Unified configuration across all your environments

    Whether you're deploying to production, staging, or even running on a laptop, you can keep a consistent configuration regardless of the environment. Set sane defaults and override only what you need.

    No more managing annoying deployment scripts

    Environment variables are unwieldy and difficult to manage. Treat configuration as "just another resource" for a true twelve-factor approach.

    Grows with your architecture

    Whether you're building a few microservices or a thousand, Mothership can support every deployment, no matter how big or small.

    Configure everything

    Every platform, every device

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    Simple pricing that flexes with your usage

    $2 / app / month

    Each environment $0.25 add'l

    FREE app included

    One free app and up to two environments. Perfect for developers and small startups.

    No more duplication

    Build a base config that applies to most environments, then apply deltas on top as needed. No more duplicating configs for environments that don't need it.

    No more re-deploys

    Mess up a config setting during your last deploy? Want to change a setting on the fly? Just modify your environment and go. The next time an app requests its config, it'll get the change.

    Works with your platform

    Grab one of our official web or mobile SDKs, or use our public REST API and roll your own integration. All of our SDKs are open source!

    Simple setup

    Whether you're building a new app or updating an existing one, you'll be up and running with Mothership in minutes.

    Dedicated support

    Open a ticket or email us directly at: [email protected] and get a response within 24 hours, 7 days a week.